White Horse Hill

43 kilometres of systematic non-colliding walks

White Horse Hill

1:1,000 scale
1200 x 1200 x 210mm
Card, 2002

We cannot understand where we are on the ground without first looking up at the stars. The chalk figure from the Bronze Age was made to be seen from the heavens and today we use space age technology from the heavens to tell us where we are.

The Uffington White Horse was chosen for its mysterious dialogue between the ground and the sky; a relationship it has in common with the magical properties of satellite navigation technology.

The original shapes have eroded over time along with their meaning. They are signs, not entirely visible from the ground that are projected towards the skies like symbols on a map to be seen by the gods.

White Horse Hill & Video stills

Stills from fabrication video with time-lapse and GPS track animations, nine minutes